CCI Europe is one of the top publishing platform producers today, having clients as “New York Times” and “Times of India” but their history started as “Aarhuus Stifsbogtrykkerie”, the first printing house under Royal Charter in Aarhus, back in 1794.

My relationship with the company was my internship during AP Degree Multimedia and Communication in 2018. I got the idea of creating motion graphics video representing their rich history after I did desk research about the company. The video was created for their About page as well as to be shown at conferences and other events they hold.

Creating a history video for a more than 2 centuries old company, that had lived through all the profound changes in industrial and technological aspect, guided me through interesting research in and outside of their story. I conducted a desk research on the technology the company had been involved with, along with thorough research about color preferences, typography and music styles through the ages.

Examples you see here represent one of the main or most interesting points of my working process.


One of the curious vector assets is the plate Aarhuus Stiftsbogtrykkerie had on the front of their building. That could be considered as the very first logo they had. The company didn’t have any vector file of it, so I needed to create it using an original photo from the book “A Royal Charter”. Thus the still black’n’white plate became alive in the video, welcoming the viewer for a tour through the timeline.

Vector Work

For creating a storyboard I needed first to gather and systemize all the information I got. My sources ranged from their website and history book “A Royal Charter”, through sketching and taking photos of authentic old print presses found in the company’s museum, to Internet research and Youtube videos regarding different ages and technology.

After structuring all the information and visuals I found, I sketched a storyboard that had several changes throughout the process.


My journey continued created every single piece of graphic in this video. No online software and premade images are used.

Main points in the timeline are the old machines, the technological revolution – first personal computers and 90’s software to nowadays mobile device.

All colors, sounds and motion are agreed with the historical time images belong to.

Logo Morphing

The morphing of the Aarhuus Stifsbogtrykkerie logo into Stibo Foundation’s logo represents the moment when the printing house becomes a foundation.

Outro for videos