Concept: E-ME

Client: Danske Bank

Type of project: Concept Development, school project

Technology involved: mobile app, blockchain

Team worked on the project: Diana Kichukova, Niresh Ratnam, Subankan Visakan, Robert Röper and me.

The concept for “E-ME” shifts the paradigm when it comes to digital verification of the citizen of the future. The concept is created so it regards interaction between any kind of public institutions and their users – such as transportation, citizen service, police, health institutions, etc. We can talk about E-ME as the future replacement of all documents and cards for verification our identity we have today (ID card, bank card, health insurance card, NEMID, travel card, etc).

In this demonstration, we focus our prototype on verifying the citizens identity in front of health care authorities and banks.

E-ME is a project chosen by Danske Bank as one of three winning concepts.

Whenever a citizen needs to verify their identity and permission to use a particular public service (such as verification of their age, their healthcare insurance status or the validity of their driver license, for example) they need to log in in E-ME, and scan the authorities E-ME device.

Login in into E-ME app is double secured by facial recognition, which relies on the uniqueness of everybody’s face and a pin code entered afterwards.

Every citizen has an unique E-ME number (seen under the logo), which is the future version of a CPR number. That number is link to ones personal blockchain.


When the citizen needs to verify themselves, they scan authorities E-ME device. Face verification at the spot assures that the one holding the phone is the owner of the app. After the citizen’s identity is verified, E-ME on the users phone displays only information relevant for that type of authorities they are currently dealing with. For example, doctors may not need your name and address but they definitely need your health care status. In that case, E-ME displays only the validity of your health care insurance and the diseases you have.

E-ME has menu showing all the data the person has in their personal blockchain under the section “Your data”. From here they can easily see the possibilities they have to to interact with institutions.

There is also “Allowed access” section where they can see which are the particular companies, institutions and authorities that currently have access to this citizens relevant data.

The same way as verifying in the doctor’s office – shown in the second short video – verifying in the bank happens easily using scanning banks E-ME device, followed by face scan. Final step – E-ME displays the relevant for the bank information.