“Hallo Hostel” opened gates in the heart of the city of Aarhus in 2017, when this project was done for them. It is currently called “Danhostel” and their café kept the name “Hallo Café”.

Creating logo and brand identity for the new hostel was a school project in my AP Degree of Multimedia Design and Communication in Business Academy Aarhus.  My team and me were chosen by owners of the hostel among the other teams as winners for logo and brand identity, created for them.

Team working on the case: Regina Csorba, Maja Dybboe, Dávid Žima and me. 

Logo Process

The logo is structured so it represents one of the main values of “Hallo Hostel” – the history of the building it is situated in. Being an old telephone central, that building gives the name “Hallo” – first word we say when picking up the phone. Hence, the game of the letter H and two telephone handles come in play as symbolic for the brand.

The symbol of the speech bubble covers another main value – creating environment that provokes conversations between visitors.

The grey color represents the urban vibe of the hostel, being in the heart of the city. The hostel aims to attract young backpackers and hitch-hikers, thus it offers the lowest price for a bed in Aarhus. Hence, the yellow being the main color, represents the joy of the youthfulness and also the affordable price.

We user tested those four variations and the logo below was picked as preffered.


Final Logo

Corporate Identity Example