“Henningsen Global” is a company working in the sphere of strategic advising, owned by Povl Henningsen. He offers businesses better ways for better management, collaboration and communication. He is also an author, lecturer and strategic advisor.

He assigned me with the task of refreshing the visual identity of his company and asked me to analyze what from the current visuals would be beneficial to change.  Thus, my journey with Henningsen Global began.

Giving his company and his additional activities consistent visual signature was a main task for me, since they were missing it.

Materials I have created for his company and additional activities are for web and print. I also consulted him with advice for maintaining his social media.


The first step I took in redesigning the brand identity was to propose changing the old logo. 

On the left you see sketches of the two directions that has been tested. Variant 2 was the preferred one (below), emphasizing on international market the company works on. Company’s keywords “global” and “dialogue” are represented by the letter G as a symbol of globality, remaining a speech bubble.



Final Logo

“Dialogue across differences”.


Scaled down variation of the logo suitable for sizes such as a fav icon of the website. It is also used as design element as you can see on the A4 document layout below.

Document Layout

One of the new additions to the corporate identity of Henningsen Global was a document layout for all  announcements and contracts the company signs. 

Council Elections 2017

Aside from his business, Povl Henningsen was a candidate for city council of Odder in 2017. My task was to create designs for web and printed media for his candidature. On the left you see a double sided foldable A5 flyer (print).

Council Elections 2017

 A web flyer (pdf).