Concept: Internal Knowledge Sharing Platform

Client: Lix

Type of project: Concept Development, school project

Technology involved: desktop app

Team worked on the project: Diana Kichukova, Zofia Morawska, Laura Birzniece, Denis Muntianu and me.

Lix is a desktop app for using e-books. Based on the needs of students to use additional materials than books for getting results when studying, and the frustration most of them get from the experience with e-books, our team created a concept that addresses those two directions.

First improvement we offer is a book overview before opening a certain e-book. It deals with students’ frustration coming from not having a good overview of the book chapters as well as the lacking information how long does it take to read them.

The overview presented here shows the length of every chapter in pages and the time estimation for reading it. It also gives a visual representation of how big is the chapter comparing to the whole book. The lilac area on the book is interactive and the student enters the chapter by clicking on it instead of searching through a long table of contents.

Once the user enters the chapter, there is another progress bar that shows how far are they in the reading of this particular chapter, how much pages are left and how much minutes are left to finish it. The users is able to create highlights in different colors.

If the side bar on the right is clicked, a section with personal notes for this page is opened. This section can contain not only own written notes but also links to external sources, videos and photos.

Since a research showed that students understand study material better when they help each other, a sharing mode of the interface was created. The toggle in the left upper corner allows the user to change the mode of the app – from personal, to shared. Shared mode allows other students from their class to access and see all the highlights and notes a person has in their Notes section.