CCI Europe History Video


CCI Europe / Stibo DX


Multimedia Design and Communication Internship: January – May 2018

My Role

Research: company’s vast history, history of printing technology, design and art styles through the ages, musical genres – 18th-21st century

Prioritizing information | Storyboard | Storytelling | Illustrations | Animation | Sound 


The Problem

CCI Europe (currently known as Stibo DX), one of the top publishing platform producers today,  asked me to investigate their old website and propose a what could be enhanced. As a company proud of their vast history, they were lacking a proper presentation of it.

As solution to that problem I created a motion graphics video, representing their their timeline.

Status of the project

Published on Stibo DX website here and their YouTube channel

Morphing of the very first company’s logo into the Stibo’s logo the world has known for many years.

Outro for company’s videos