GRUNDFOS VR experience


Grundfos Holding A/S


My Bachelor’s project:  October 2019 – December 2019

My Role

Research | Persona | User Journey | Storytelling | Design Thinking | UI | UX | Mockups | Prototype | Testing

The project is done in a team of three people: Diana Kichukova, Niresh Ratnam and me.


The Problem

Grundfos needed concept for a digital marketing tool which raises awareness around a global challenge regarding water to help their recent activities in that field. Me and my team created an event-tailored VR experience to spread awareness about the challenge and to quaint target audience with a good solution. 

Status of the project

Confidential. Only limited amount of information could be shared.

Based on the solid research Grundfos has previously done (part of which was my task during my employment in the company), together with additional research our Bachelor’s team did on the topic, we created a VR experience sharing the knowledge about water related problem that needed to be spread among the target audience of high-level water professionals.

The experience is designed for high quality VR hardware due to the interaction possibilities provided. 

This is a scene from the prototype of the VR experience.